Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Sama Sapthama Rasi

7th Rasi from each other

Sama sapthama is the natural 7th house from each other rasi. 
It has more affinity generally. 
But some of the stars are to be avoided.

Note: Please note some of the 7th Rasi stars are to be avoided. 
The list is given below:

Mesha  Rasi - All are good
Rishaba Rasi - Avoid Visaka
Mithuna Rasi - Avoid Pooradam
Kataka Rasi - Avoid Avittam
Simha Rasi - All are good
Kanya Rasi - Avoid Revathi
Thula Rasi - Avoid Krithika
Vrichika Rasi - Avoid Rohini
Danur Rasi - All are good
Makara Rasi - Avoid Punarpoosam
Kumba Rasi - Avoid Pooram
Meena Rasi - All are good

For Upaya Rasis - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces 
Sapthama Rasi is said to be the BADAKA STHANA. 
In that cases sapthama Rasi fixes Love Marriages.

Some Astrologers hesitate to fix Sama Sapthama Rasi

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